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Welcome to the kNew Health Cooperative -- our movement to create a healthcare option that's accessible, affordable and actually effective!
"Health cost sharing" is a model of healthcare coverage in which a group of people pay a monthly sum (known as a “share”) to cover each other’s healthcare expenses.

These organizations operate very similar to traditional health insurance, except instead of paying an insurance company to cover your bills, you’re paying into a pool that you and your fellow members can access as healthcare needs arise.

In a traditional insurance model, you’d typically see a doctor in-network, pay your deductible and the doctor’s office bills the remainder to your insurance company plus any extras that aren’t covered.

In a cost sharing program, you pick your pediatrician, pay the cash rate (which is typically much lower) and the bill is picked up or reimbursed by the cost sharing organization subject to the rules of the pool.

For most healthy people, health cost sharing can replace current health insurance and save you a bundle of money.

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Good Health Video Series: 4 Steps to (Re)kNew Your Health Today
It’s time to come alive and take back your power, it’s time to (re)kNew your health.
Video 1: Creating Goals
Video 2: kNew Foundations
Video 3: Sleep Hygiene
Video 4: Eating Hygiene
Why choose kNew Health?
  •  Access to your healthcare team 24/7
  •  Functional medicine as the operating system for care
  •  Much less expensive than traditional insurance
  •  Transparent fees & services
  •  Empowerment-focused & incentive-based communities
  •  Decentralized care & coverage
  •  Blockchain technology for safety, security & privacy
  •  Never sit in a waiting room or on hold again
  •  Practitioners trained in the importance of nutrition & lifestyle
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10 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare eGuide
Once you understand what’s really driving costs and the steps you can take to minimize those drivers, saving money becomes a no-brainer.

James Maskell, co-founder of kNew Health, believes we can transform our broken healthcare system by empowering individuals to save on healthcare. In this special eGuide he provides 10 ways to save money on healthcare.

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Gift 2
$47 Retail Value!
Good Health Video Series: 4 Steps to (Re)kNew Your Health Today
It’s time to come alive and take back your power, it’s time to (re)kNew your health.
Video 1: Creating Goals
Video 2: kNew Foundations
Video 3: Sleep Hygiene
Video 4: Eating Hygiene
From the Evolution of Medicine 2 Summit
Evolution or Revolution? The Rationale for Healthcare from Scratch
Listen to James Maskell in this 2015 talk as he gives the compelling reasons for a NEW type of healthcare mentality. James will provide an overview of how medicine evolving and where we need to arrive as a community, quickly, with chronic disease so rampant and on the rise all around us.
Yes, keep me informed about the kNew Healthshare Cooperative!
When we say it's time for something kNew, what do we mean?
The kNew Healthcare Cooperative is an affordable alternative to health insurance — at the leading edge of a much-needed healthcare revolution in the United States.

Professional healthcare leaders and practitioners in lifestyle, diet and medicine will energize the delivery of high-quality, outcome-focused healthcare to you. With easy, ONLINE access to our wide network of professionals, you’ll save time and money from the “traditional” search to find (and visit) a doctor!

Engage in physician-supervised, functional medicine founded appointments with health coaches via telemedicine (via your phone, tablet or computer). This is not like your parents’ healthcare insurance, it’s a “Health Cost Sharing Cooperative,” which is fully accepted nationwide as an alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

Our platform is built on Blockchain Technology using the Ethereum Protocol. Not only does this help us save on the cost to provide insurance, but since the database files are “distributed,” they are encrypted in blocks to help make it difficult to manipulate, fake or hack any of your privacy details.

By creating a healthcare cooperative structure — with the right incentives and the right care — we believe we can free humanity from the shackles of unnecessary suffering to help communities rise up, come together and support each other.

Join us for something needed, and kNew!
Meet the founders of the kNew Healthcare Cooperative!
The founders of kNew Health, through their own health stories, have been inspired to create something different and amazing to promote well-being and address our current health issues. kNew Health is for you, us, our families and, eventually, everyone around the world.

kNew Founder James Maskell, author of the best-selling book, The Evolution of Medicine, has spent the past decade sparking debate, shifting paradigms and working to accelerate improved healthcare outcomes. By empowering conventionally-trained doctors, James has encouraged a seismic shift away from an over-dependence on conventional medical practices toward a wellness-centered, functional medicine model, creating not just happier patients — but happier doctors, too.

In 2013 James founded The Evolution of Medicine, a service to educate doctors and practitioners through curated and customized resources, tools, products and services. Its mission is to reduce chronic disease worldwide by making it easier and more affordable for conventional doctors to embrace a new way of managing healthcare.

To further his mission of revolutionizing the world’s healthcare options, James partnered with Dr. Jeff Gladd, a leader in functional medicine, and Drew Little, a seasoned high-tech founder. Together, they created kNew Health in 2017, and the kNew Health Insurance Cooperative in 2018.
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